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This Tinder Girl And Her Equally Hot Friend Have A Good Way Of Pointing Out Who's Who In Group Pics


It’s a funny bio all on its own but really there’s more to appreciate here, namely that what she says here is really how we should view the world. It’s not about being blonde or brunette or Asian or disabled. It’s about actions, the things you do that define the content of your character. And as far as Tinder goes, being a girl who doesn’t put out says all we need to know about character. Congrats on your self-respect or whatever but taking sex off the table entirely is a waste of everyone’s time. You just don’t need these kind of people ruining your online experience, you know? Also: Tongue chick is definitely the one who puts out, you don’t go waving your tongue around in photos without being down to party across the board. Tongue 101. (via Bubby)



And here we are with a beautiful Tinder blog to match the lovely Spring day. Follow me and DM me your screenshots on Twitter (try to keep it to one or two per por favor, it makes my brain bleed reading hundreds of these a week) and let’s get going so we can all go drink outside.



Honestly I could get into YouTube beauty vloggers if more of the girls talk like that first line all the time (via TG)




I’d rather go with Sasha Banks but hooking up with a lady wrestler seems like a noteworthy life experience regardless of the who (via NS)




Your competition for the week is a very resourceful short man for using PC 2016 to his advantage (via SJ)




Um depending upon what state you are that 17-year-old thing matters more than life itself (via VF)




This is what happens when you change your location to Cerulean City (via JB)




Maybe this is showing my age but that seems like a normal amount of times hanging out that you probably wouldn’t have to disclose? (via T)




RG3 is definitely the type who would carry a certificate confirming he has a big dick (via P)






I for one am shocked the girl married before 21 is already over having sex with the same person forever (via JC)




…this girl is like a Ghost of Christmas Past version of the chick above (via RR)





Not gonna say I needed the warning but I’ll move my wallet to my front pocket just to be safe (via TE)




She and her cat talking about guys while she swipes on the app is 100% her version of this very blog (via JR)





I make the same face as that dog whenever someone uses the word “lovers” unironically (via KB)





I appreciate her not leaving ambiguity for people who are genuinely big fans of pairing wine with eggplant parmesan (via AH)




Bikini-based honesty goes a long way in my book (via K)





I am both intrigued and terrified by any girl who looks like this and refers to herself as Cocaine Barbie (via MD)





Genuine question: Is a girl who’d post a topless but covered pic on Tinder dateable? (via RP)




She must be very good at positive behavior reinforcement based on this bio (via TR)





Honestly if you’re going to threaten chopping off fingers then you’ve got to have the length and depth perception to follow through on it (via DB)




The girls who use a screenshot from this blog on Tinder are the true superstars of the app (via Jdub)




It’s true, the age-old stereotype of it being hard to find someone who is both a cannibal and generous with oral sex is sadly correct (via Zoo)




Shame on those pants for fighting the good fight and not tearing like the Incredible Hulk’s while the photo was taken (via JG)





I’m not sure if she intended that last line to be the most darkly hilarious line ever on Bumble (via JC)




Whomever this is needs to step up and be publicly shamed. Unofficial scout at best (via Chloe)





Where I come from, sloppy blow jobs are a sign of love (via RM)





I consider myself a good judge of character and I’m confident this pregnant teenager will do great things with her baffling overconfidence (via MF)





A combination of two of my rules: Girls wearing a sash earned in competition and Hooters girls get super likes (via GM)




Ja Rule did nothing but duets and I’m pretty sure that’s the peak of romance, dumbass (via DG)




Some more competition for the week might be more popular than you with the ladies once they learn about his robot cock (via DH)





A Texas girl who goes to Sarah Lawrence but likes pro wrestling might be the very definition of 1 in a million (via DH)





RBC Heritage draws a resourceful and technically generous crowd (via JP)



And onto the hot and NSFWish ones…




Hot no, NSFW  technically yes so here we are. Nice to see her dispel the stereotype of weed people being chill and not terrifying on this most holy of weeks though (via AP)




I can spot one area in which there’s no help needed becoming an adult (via JR)





(via CF)




We’ve officially got ourselves a trend with upside down far away butt shots (via K)





Not sure who Metro is but that’s a compelling sales pitch to seek its approval (via YY)





(via MD)




Double far away butt shots should only be attempted by experienced asses (via OS)




I think her choices seem swell from what I can tell (via SD)




(via SLC)




I guess I can see why Nashville is a place so many people are moving these days (via A)



Seems like this might be a next level question following Smitty’s blog about whether it’s hot or not to get snaps from girls on the toilet. Voting “Hot” here because I’m a sucker for tan lines but it’s close (via MJV)


And there we have it, another week of the Tinder blog in the books. Please do follow me and DM me your screenshots on Twitter, thanks to everyone who sent things in, and happy swiping!