Does This Look Like The Face of A Guy Who Fake Shot Himself In The Head On A Live Stream To Get More Followers?

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Daily Mail- A former Thai gangster who ‘shot’ himself in the head during a live stream on Facebook has been accused of doing it to get more online followers by poiice who arrested him on firearms charges.  Heavily-tattooed retired street thug Nae Wat Dao astonished his hundreds of thousands of followers when he apparently put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger during a live stream. But he is now facing firearms charges in Bangkok after police accused him of pulling the stunt to boost his online fame. Nae was admitted to hospital after the ‘shooting’ on Saturday with a minor wound to the right side of his head. Medics at the Siriraj Hospital confirmed to police that Nae had not suffered a gunshot wound indicating the fake shooting was a cynical stunt by Nae to attract more followers. ‘But from the informal conversation with the doctor, it was confirmed no stitches were made, as it was only a scratch.’ Police say Nae – now said to be a patient at a psychiatric hospital – has been charged with illegal possession of a firearm.




I actually respect this dude’s hustle. Especially since he did it on Facebook. Nobody is even trying on Facebook anymore. Have you gone there recently? It is an awful awful place. Even worse than before when the Moms and Aunts took over. All it is now is washed up people you knew in high school posting shit like, “So I don’t usually post stuff like this……..” and then going on a 15,000-word rant about Donald Trump or breast feeding in public or whatever the fuck. It sucks. The place that used to be the home of drinking pictures and bikinis is now the home of engagement announcements and baby pictures. Because those people know everybody will Like their baby pictures with zero effort. It’s a sad state of affairs. So shout out to this Thai gangster for raising the Facebook bar and pretending to shoot himself in the head. That’s what I’m talking about. Cutting edge stuff. If Facebook wants to gain any ground on Twitter, they’ll promote more fake shootings and less babies. Seriously. No one gives a fuck that your baby rolled over, Sarah.