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Wake Up With Patrick Kane's Double OT Winner, Oh And Milbury Please STFU


What a night in Chicago. Starts off with a 16-0, no-hitter by Jake Arrieta and ends in the early morning with Patrick Kane doing what he always does…turning into Superman when the Blackhawks needed him most. Incredible play, great celebration. It had everything.

I wanted to make sure I posted it in the early morning in case some people fell asleep last night because the game didn’t start until 8:42 CST. That’s an ABSURD start time for two teams in the Central time zone. Hockey Hall of Fame play by play announcer Pat Foley had some strong words for the execs at NBC about this.

Ding ding ding. Pat Foley nailed it, even though NBCSN pulled the plug on him. The local comcast feed here in Chicago let it run and basically Foley asked “who does this 9pm CST benefit?”. He’s right. It’s a work night, its a school night, both teams are in this time zone. There’s no reason for that game to start so late and it happens to the Blackhawks every year. Look, I know the NHL wants to stagger games and have double headers for TV revenue. I get that. But you need to make sure that Blues and Blackhawks fans are getting priority because the majority of people in the other markets DGAF and will just go to bed. How they decided to have Nashville, another central time zone team, play against Anaheim, a Pacific time team, start at 7pm and the CHI-STL start at 8:43 is beyond me. Wouldn’t you be better served having your best matchup and most star-studded team play in prime time? It seems pretty logical that more casual fans in other markets would tune into a primetime game featuring the Blackhawks than they would for fucking Anaheim and Nashville.

Anyways, that moron Mike Milbury took exception to Foley’s logical rant.

Yo, Mike. Shut the fuck up. Pat Foley is a Hall of Famer and you’ve got rocks for brains. Don’t patronize Foley being upset that the game started late. He’s not complaining for himself. He calls late start west coast games all year and has for like 35 years. He’s looking out for the little guy. The guys like me who have to get up, go to a real job, and then also get up to blog. And JR…nobody cares about a 7pm start game. That’s actually when it should start you idiot. That’s the whole point. The NHL, once again, doesn’t understand how to market to casual fans, but also their own diehard fans.