Teacher's Aide Ragdolls A Kid For Giving Him Lip

Washington PostA Milwaukee Public Schools teacher’s aide was arrested for physical abuse of a child Wednesday after he allegedly slammed a 14-year-old student to the floor and held him there, Milwaukee police said.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident, which happened around 10:50 a.m. at the city’s Bay View High. It was captured in a video, published by CBS 58, Milwaukee’s CBS affiliate, that shows the 39-year-old aide shoving the student onto a desk and then onto the floor. The student was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, police said.

The video does not show what was happening in the classroom before the camera started rolling. Students who witnessed the incident told CBS 58 that the aide and the student had been arguing, and that the student had been disrespectful.


Look can you ragdoll one of your students over a bunch of desks and smash him into the floor while yelling motherfucker at him? Probably not. I don’t have a background in education so stop me if I’m way off base here but I just feel like that’s got to be somewhere in the lesson plans of the 101 classes – cannot suplex kids HHH style while dropping N bombs and motherfuckers. But I do know that everyone and their mother complains about how spoiled and bratty and entitled and disrespectful this generation of kids is. Meanwhile we fire every coach who makes his players run too hard and arrest every teacher who throws students over some desks. Got to pick a side at some point. Don’t want bratty kids who think it’s ok to give you lip? Might have to look the other way now and then while they whoop some ass World Star Hip Hop style.