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The Rockets Looked Downright Devastated That They Have To Play An Extra Game Against The Warriors

(Note: these reactions are definitely nerves due to the fact that they left the Warriors two seconds, which is like leaving Brady a minute and a half, but guess what? Facts are for suckers.)

Can you blame them, though? When you’re playing the greatest regular season team in history I have to imagine it’s like taking off a band-aid, you just want it to be quick and easy. You’ve got vacation coming up, you’ve got clubs to hit, you don’t want to fly back to Oracle just to get your ass kicked right? Wrap this thing up now so we can get to the offseason beers. These are the faces you make when you tell your buddies that you’ll definitely meet them at the bar by 6 then your boss comes by and tells you he needs you to work late.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.11.59 AM

Just a bunch of bros looking like Harden just told the teacher they forgot to assign homework right as it was time to walk out the door. “What the fuck, JAMES? We have condo rentals in Miami starting on Monday, JAMES! Goddamn dickhead.” You can tell me that those are guys concerned about getting a stop until you’re blue in the face, and I agree they almost definitely are, it’s just more fun to picture it like this and that’s how I choose my truths.