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Is Prince Zakim Bridge Big?

I asked this on twitter yesterday. Whether Prince dying was Zakim Bridge big? Lots of hatred directed your boy’s way. I wasn’t trying to be insulting or troll people. I knew Prince was huge, but I guess I just didn’t think he was Zakim Bridge big. And it wasn’t just the Zakim. Everybody was lighting everything purple. Even god damn space went purple for a few minutes.

The whole thing caught me off guard. Again I know Prince was mega star, but the Macho Man dying was a much bigger deal for me than Prince. I just feel like Prince has been off the radar forever. He hadn’t had a platinum album since 2004 and hadn’t had a song break the Top 40 since 1995. Again not trying to throw dirt on the guy but changing the color of major landmarks seems like something that should be reserved for when Presidents or Mandella or Nomar dies. Changing the color of landmarks is on the same level as National Moments of Silence in my mind. Prince just wasn’t that guy in my opinion.

Or is it just the fact that Prince has a color and no one else really does so it made it stand out? Is that it? The more I think about it the more I think that’s it. Like who else has a color? Now I need a color so in the event I did I’ll seem bigger I really was.