McDonalds Finally Realizes People Don't Want Healthier Options, Are Testing Out The "Grand Mac"

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Source - McDonald’s Corp. might finally be ready to unleash new versions of its most famous sandwich: The Big Mac. The Oak Brook, Ill.-basedburger chain is testing two new Big Mac sizes — a larger Grand Mac, and a smaller Mac Jr. — in Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas/Fort Worth, according to Columbus Business First. McDonald’s did not responded to requests for comment Tuesday.  The Grand Mac would upgrade the traditional Big Mac to a third pound of beef, two pieces of cheese and a larger bun, according to Columbus Business First. The Mac Jr. would be reduced to a single patty, and is designed to be eaten on the go.

Finally. Finally McDonald’s is getting the picture again. Finally McDonald’s is getting back to the basics. Finally McDonald’s is realizing what made them great in the first place. It’s not salads. It’s not wraps. It’s not yogurt parfaits. It’s Big Macs and it’s all you can eat fries.

It’s been said once, it’s been said twice, and I’ll say it or the 10 millionth time- people who go to McDonald’s are there to get fat. We go there because it’s 1am and need a pick me up. We need something that will make us instantly feel full, tired, and happy. An instant shock of happiness. That’s how McD’s made their billions, by making people happy. Grilled chicken wraps don’t make people happy. But what does? Bigger Big Macs. More special sauce. More carbs in those buns. Do you remember how big the Supersize fries were? The carton was the size of my head. 30 potatoes went into one order of them. And now we are slowly inching our way back to that. The Grand Mac is the sign that McDonald’s is tired of catering to the Kale Salad Crowd. That they are tired of catering to the assholes who think everyone needs to eat healthy. If we wanted to eat healthy, we wouldn’t go to McDonald’s. I appreciate you, McDonald’s, for making this step towards being great again.