RIP The 9th Wonder Of The World Chyna

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Damn. One thing that’s weird about getting old is people from your childhood die. I was shocked when Dave Mirra passed and I’m stunned that Chyna has just been announced dead. She was star in the mid/late 90’s Attitude Era, a dynamic character in DX who became the first woman to win the Intercontinental Title. Her and HHH ended very, very badly and she is hardly, if ever, spoken about in WWE anymore. Had Chyna’s relationship with the company ended on a better note, I think she would be often remembered and celebrated for the role she played in the Attitude Era.

After her wrestling career, she fell on hard times. Drugs, addiction, depression, you name it. She hadn’t been in a good place in quite a while. 46 is too young for anyone to die but we can take solace in the fact she’s at peace now.