The Fact That This Chicago Couple's Wedding Invitation "Went Viral" For Being Funny Makes Me Sad For America


A Chicago couple’s wedding invitation went viral on Wednesday, briefly surpassing the royal baby in popularity. “My phone really started blowing up after it got put on MSN,” Katie Kerr, of Chicago, Ill., told ABC station WLS-TV. “It was even ahead of the royal baby.” She and her husband, Chris Sabino, made guests check off their reason for attending or not attending their wedding in a clever RSVP.



So this is THE story in basically all circles of life where comedy doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Good Morning America, Huffington Post, everyone sharing it and emailing it. But I just don’t get it. I read the invitation and I didn’t even smirk. Am I an asshole or am I the common man here? Because I have to say this just isn’t funny. It’s more annoying than anything, making me read words that I don’t want to read. That’s fucked up. Like I’m either going to your wedding because you are a fun person and you have an open bar or I’m not because you are marrying a stuck up bitch that has ruined you, and everyone hates her guts, and its beer/wine only. That’s basically it right there. Those are the only two options when it comes to whether or not I’ll be going to a friends wedding, everything else is just window dressing.