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This Lady Just Wants To Vote For Bernie Sanders More Than You've Ever Wanted To Do Anything

(NEWS10)A lot of people were turned away from voting in the New York primary on Tuesday because they didn’t know the deadline to register with a party was in October. Several voters arrived at the polls thinking they could vote only to be turned away because New York is a closed primary state, and they weren’t registered as either a democrat or a republican. “I just want my vote to be counted,” Megan Parsons said. “It’s one person, one vote. And I’m one person, and I don’t get a vote.” Parsons was in tears on Tuesday. She said the closed primary system prevented her from voting in the primaries. “I switched party lines so I could vote,” she said. “I don’t care about parties. I care about the candidate.” Parsons wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders. But to have been able to cast her vote for the Vermont senator, she would have had to switch her affiliation in October 2015. Parsons wasn’t the only one who didn’t switch in time.

Hey, lady, if you’re so into voting maybe mark down a few reminders about voting? Tell Siri to remind your crazy ass to register in October? Admittedly, I don’t give a fuck about anything in the world. There’s literally nothing short of torture (only torture when I don’t know the answer they want and couldn’t get them to stop because any other time I’d give that shit up at the simple threat of torture) that would elicit this kind of response from me.

All I really care about is sporting events, and even those nowhere near this much. But you want to know a little trick I do, Megan? I remember dates and times. Not a ton of people are that savvy, but it’s a good tip. When you really care about something, just remember to do the prerequisites. I don’t show up outside Fenway then cry, beg, and plead to be allowed in because I forgot to buy tickets when they went on sale, I just buy the tickets then walk in. Your tickets went on sale and you forgot to register. That’s on you. Can’t just stomp your feet and give us hysterical tears then get allowed to vote with everyone who followed the rules. That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works.