Adrian Beltre Giving Elvis Andrus Shit For His Home Run Trot On A Ball Off The Wall Is Hilarious




Adrian Beltre is a baseball blogger’s dream. The guy crushes 450-foot bombs from one knee, plays hard for damn near 162 games a season, and the shit he does on and off the field is always gold. Every time. Whether he intends for it to be or not, it just is. We’ve all seen the head rubbing videos hundreds of times, and they never get old. But this? This performance right here is SNL-worthy. Obviously he’s not REALLY upset that Elvis Andrus didn’t bust it out of the box, but he never broke character. Not even for a second. That takes talent. That takes skill. And talent and skill is what’s going to make Beltre a Hall of Famer some day. GOD, I hope he ends up on the MLB Network after he retires. I never want this to end.