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Johnny Manziel Is Now Being Referred To As Jonathan And I Think It May Actually Work

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(Source) Johnny Manziel won’t play in the NFL this season, but Jonathan Manziel might. Hours after the unemployed quarterback was dropped by his agent and Nike formally announced the termination of their marketing deal, a rep for Manziel released a statement on his behalf reiterating how passionate the hard-partying 23-year-old is about football.

“So many people only have one image of Jonathan, but believe it or not, he takes all this very seriously,” Manziel’s spokesperson Denise Michels told ESPN. “He’s hoping that he can clear up his personal issues, start interviewing agents and see what he needs to do if he wants to play this year.”

Despite his would-be serious statement — and at-long-last acknowledgment he has “issues” that need immediate attention — Manziel’s words mean little when there is a lack of action to back it up.

Over the weekend, Manziel ignored Drew Rosenhaus’s five-day ultimatum to seek treatment by partying at Coachella instead. The super-agent terminated Manziel’s contract on Tuesday, a first for Rosenhaus in his 27-year career. “This is a life-or-death situation,” Rosenhaus had said on Sirius XM Radio. “I think he has a future that’s bright if he will take the next steps. Until he does that, it’s a very scary situation.” Football and a lack of endorsement money may be the least of Manziel’s problems as his legal troubles return to the forefront.





Now I don’t want to say Johnny’s PR team is listening to Pardon My Take but I did just say a name change would be huge for Johnny. I went with Juan, because no one would get mad at Juan Manziel for drinking a little too much, but this works too.




Jonathan just sounds more mature, more responsible. It’s like how RGIII should change to Bobby Griffin, the Texas gunslinger who loves to throw the pill around the yard and drink beers out of his pickup truck. Johnny Manziel needs to go the other way. Johnny Football is big trouble, Jonathan Manziel, I don’t know, that guy may actually be worth a shot? Add in a pair of reading glasses because everyone who wears glasses inherently seems smarter and I think we just restored Jonathan Manziel’s image. Don’t call it a comeback, Jonathan Manziel has been here for years.