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Rickie Fowler's On Spring Break With Jordan Spieth In The Bahamas And It's A Brofest

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Nothing to see here. Just Rickie Fowler hanging out with Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman in the Bahamas. The whole thing being recorded on snap chat. The ultimate bro fest. There’s shirtless golfing, drinking, boats, push up competitions, everything. The whole nine yards. Everything you would want from a bunch of guys just hanging out on Spring Break. It’s fantastic. For real though, how great would it be to be young, rich and talented? Gotta be the best ever. Rickie goes from the Masters to shotgunning beers on stage with Dierks Bentley to the Bahamas with his boys (including the best golfer on the planet). That’s the life, my friends. Hey Rickie if you’re ever looking for a 5th guy to tag along, hit me up. I’m very available and a decent hang.


PS- I guarantee we’re all thinking the same thing. Where are the girls? I have the answer I think. When the girls show up it is officially Put Away The Phones And Snap Chat time. That’s how athletes and celebrities roll (I assume, haven’t ever hung out with either). It’s all fun and games on Snap Chat until the girls show up. That’s for their eyes only.



You can check out Rickie’s snap chat at rickiefowler15