Stop The Presses: New Report Says Tiger Has Been Practicing "Extensively" At A Course In Florida

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Yahoo- The slow drip of the details of Tiger Woods’ recovery and rehabilitation continued on Tuesday. Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte reports the 14-time major champion is putting in significant hours at Medalist Golf Club, near Woods’ home in Jupiter, Fla. On Golf Channel, Rosaforte said that Woods has spent his last two weeks “involved in a series of four-to-five-hour practice sessions at Medalist Golf Club … including the playing of some holes.” Rosaforte added he was told Woods is happy and in good spirits. Woods has not played competitively since a T-10 finish at the Wyndham Championship in August 2015. After he missed the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup playoffs, Woods visited his surgeon in Utah to learn that pain he complained of that week was related to the same spot in his back where he had a microdiscectomy performed in March 2014. Woods opted for a second microdiscectomy in September, then had a follow-up procedure done a month later. On the Friday before the Masters, Woods announced, as widely expected, that he would not play in the Masters. “I’ve been hitting balls and training daily, but I’m not physically ready,” Woods said, in part, on his website to announce he wasn’t playing at Augusta National.





Lit. Lit. Lit. Does this report actually mean anything? Of course not. None of this means anything until Tiger announces the event he’s making his return at. That’s it. That’s all. This report passes off as a story because it has Tiger’s name attached to it. Does that stop me from getting excited that we’re more than likely going to see Eldrick tee it up some time this season? NOPE. I love every bit of this. Every little scoop. Every little story. Is he hitting driver yet? Can he walk? Can he stand? Can he sit in a car? Is he gonna come back at The Players? I love it all. I also see the other side where people get annoyed because that report is, quite literally, meaningless.


I mean look at this part


Rosaforte added he was told Woods is happy and in good spirits.



Thanks? Good to know Tiger is happy I guess. Although don’t we want Tiger being an asshole? That’s when he was at his best. Ripping out golfer’s throats and being a complete and total DICK to the media. I don’t love this new just-happy-to-be-here Tiger Woods. Good for him that he’s happy and high-fiving everybody but that doesn’t do much for me. I will still be like a kid on Christmas morning when he announces what tournament he’s coming back for and you can’t stop me.



PS- Where the fuck is Notah Begay? How did he get scooped by Tim Rosaforte on this story? Even if it’s not a real story. Notah should be all over this. Notah was probably playing with Tiger in these practice rounds and still got scooped.



Golf Channel executives be like


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