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NEED More Footage Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming At A Midget To Lift/Live

Yes. Love watching Peter Dinklage 2.0 get after it with Arnold. Sorry it’s not politically correct, but little people are one of the few things in life that make me downright giddy. Arnold is one of the other things. And when these two parties combine it’s a party in my brain and everyone’s invited. You know when a bodybuilder tries to dead lift or snatch too much and either passes out or pukes their guts out? I would love nothing more than to see Arnie over exert this little guy to the point where he bursts into a thousand golden coins straight out of Mario. But in reality this fun-sized meatstick is going to be pulling down more midgey puss than Mickey Abbott in his acting prime. With his new found super strength he’ll be bundling up the Lollipop Guild at will. There is no greater possible motivation than that man yelling nonsense in your face.  Arnold shouts for you to get to the choppa, you get to the Goddamn choppa.  No questions asked.

4 decades, nothing but net.