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Just Your Average Bulldozer Fight On The Streets Of Shanghai

Vox- On Saturday, in the northern Chinese city of Hebei, a brawl between competing construction crews escalated into a literal bulldozer fight, footage of which has spread widely online. It’s really something to watch. At one point, one bulldozer rams into another one and knocks it over, and then a third bulldozer comes and tries to pick up its fallen comrade. It’s like something out of a Transformers movie. Thankfully, there have been no reports of injuries so far. According to the Associated Press, the fight was sparked by “two companies competing for business.” China’s construction sector is experiencing historically low growth, forcing weakened construction companies to compete pretty intensely for the remaining contracts.




Maybe one of the funnier videos I’ve ever seen. Bulldozers just coming out of the woodwork to do battle. It started out as two or three and then the cavalry showed up and it was fucking on. Straight up Transformers brawl. There was even the medic bulldozer who came in and tried to help put his buddy right side up. It was like rival drug crews beefing over territory except instead of glock 9s and baseball bats, it was giant bulldozers. This is how construction crews should decide who gets the contract on a job going forward. Forget making bids and all that stupid paperwork. Bring out the bulldozers and fight to the death for that contract. China is a weird fucking place for a million reasons but I’m totally down if they’re gonna bring bulldozer fighting into the mainstream.