Drew Rosenhaus Officially Drops Johnny Manziel As A Client

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I have zero problem with Rosenhaus dropping Johnny Manziel. Johnny is a fuck up that clearly doesn’t care about football. My one and only issue though is the timing. If you remember correctly Drew Rosenhaus said he would give Johnny a week to get treatment before their relationship was officially done. Well guess what Drew, you know what last week was? Coachella week. You don’t give a guy an ultimatum on Coachella week, that’s not fair. It’s like asking someone to start a diet right before holiday season in the fall. Or telling someone they need to quit gambling right before March Madness. It’s setting him up for failure. Everyone knows a party guy needs one last good party before he gets clean. I bet Johnny was totally going to put it all back together this week. This was the week he started eating right, working out, and living clean. I bet he even did that pep talk we all have had late Sunday night. The heartburn at 3 in the morning “alright, I’m finally going to get it together” speech everyone has given themselves a million times. Can’t believe Rosenhaus denied Johnny a couple of days to actually enact that speech. Unfair.