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Hey Look - Here's Washington Fans Throwing Seat Cushions On The Field, Hitting A Flyer With A Beer Bottle, And MULTIPLE People Getting Blown In The Stands!

Class on class on class! Just a friendly reminder that there are double standards and hypocrisy in all walks of life. Every fanbase has their fair share of scum. The Philadelphia degenerates are no exception. Hell, there just may be more of them in general, but to act like what happened last night doesn’t happen in every city in every sport is just damn ignorant. So start calming your tits, America. Especially you hypocrites spewing from your fake high ground in DC.

And for good measure, here’s Giants fans knocking people out with ice balls and Cleveland taking all their frustrations out with beer bottles. We’ll spare you the numerous murders and stabbings that have occured in the Bay Area in recent history. But, yes, let’s only claim Philadelphians are the only bad seeds out there.