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Even With Steph Sitting Out With An Injury, Andre Iguodala Compared Playing The Rockets To A Scrimmage


Brutal. Just brutal. Steph didn’t play yesterday, resting a bum ankle, and the Warriors beat the Rockets with ease. To the point where AI compared playing the Rockets to a scrimmage in practice. I can’t imagine how demoralizing it is for the Rockets to show up for a game fully healthy and have the game compared to a practice scrimmage. They’re out there trying so, so hard to beat the Warriors and Iguodala completely shit on them, their effort, everything. If playing without Steph feels like a scrimmage, imagine how they feel with him. Can we just fast forward to the Western Conference Finals and then have the Warriors deny LeBron a ring in Cleveland again? That’d be great. Just skip all these meaningless first round scrimmages.