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Sneakerheads Make Custom "Crying Face" Jordan 8s

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This week, sneaker collectors Sherman Winfield (@djshermski) and Andrew Weiss (@andweiss327) launched “Crying Kicks.” The art project premiered a custom pair of Jordan VIIIs, replacing the Jumpman patch with a custom patch of the now-infamous Michael Jordan Hall of Fame crying meme. The two plan to release their latest hacks to other existing Jordans in coming weeks.


IG: @cryingkicks

In 1993 Michael Jordan rocked the 8s. He averaged 33 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, and almost 3 steals a game. And now these kicks have him crying on his own shoe. S. M. D. H. Shaking my damn head. Kids these days with no respect, man. They just want a pair of Js with the hot new meme on it. Not realizing that those Js were actually once worn by Michael Jordan. And that guy you know from funny tweets was actually the greatest of all time. You fuckin children.

I dont like the 8s. 8s and especially 9s are wack sauce right before things explode with 10, 11, 12. But a Crying Face pair of Jordan’s is a horse of a different color. A collectors item. I’d be down with a pair just as something to have more than to wear. I’m sure they end up on eBay for like 20 grand and then the person that actually pays that much for them will get with with the Crying MJ and the cycle will continue forever and ever.