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Moose On The Loose In Eastern Iowa


WHO-TV- There’s a moose on the loose in eastern Iowa. A farmer spotted the moose on his property near Stanwood in Cedar County early Tuesday morning. He called a county conservation officer. Word traveled quickly in the county and people started searching for the moose. Some people were out until sundown and say that they’ll be back out searching Wednesday. This is the first time they’ve tried to track down a moose in this area. “When I saw it, I really didn’t think that’s what I really saw. I didn’t really tell anybody because I thought no, there’s really not moose in Iowa,” says photography Laura Baker.

This happens from time to time.  A wild moose will want to see what Iowa is all about and travel down from Minnesota..  Probably heard that Barstool Iowas was based out of eastern Iowan and wanted to take a look see.  Now normally I wouldn’t want to run into a wild animal under any circumstances.  It’d be just another thing I’d have to deal with.  Life is stressful enough with things like avoiding human eye contact at all costs (admittedly easier for a blogger), trying not to be a failure in the eyes of my parents (admittedly harder for a blogger) and acting like the voicemails on my phone from collection agencies don’t exist (they’ll get the money when they get it).  It’s just a lot of stuff and adding another one just seems daunting.  But for whatever reason I’m feeling particularly outgoing today.  I don’t know if it was the six cups of coffee I chugged or what but I’m feeling spry.  Spry enough to take down a wild moose?  I’m willing to find out.  I mean I’m not committed enough to go out looking for the moose like those nut jobs mentioned in the article.  But if he happens to tip toe passed me as I’m getting into my car or something I won’t hesitate to throat punch Bullwinkle into oblivion.  Try me one time.