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Kim And Kanye Spent $750,000 On Gold Toilets Because They Want To Make Sure They Are Officially The Largest Dickheads In The World




(Source) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have spent just over $750,000 on four gold-plated toilets for their new Bel Air mansion. The couple have been staying with Kim’s mom Kris Jenner while work on their new mansion in LA is finished. Now that they have a completion date they have started buying furniture and fittings. Kanye has ordered six special-edition beds from the company that supplies London’s Savoy Hotel, costing $174,000 each. They are also kitting out their kitchen with almost $750,000 of Electrolux gear and a Swarovski- encrusted fridge freezer.



Do you know what Kim and Kanye just did? They just pulled the absolute impossible. They have made me feel bad for gold. Yes, I now feel bad for an inanimate object, and not just any inanimate object, the richest, most well off inanimate object in the world. Like I could understand someone feeling bad for a rock or a stump because those two things are so depressing. “Look at that shitty gray rock just sitting by itself being a stupid fuckboy”. I get that. But gold is lavish. Gold is what King’s wear on their head. When you’re gold you expect to be on a yacht or a beautiful dinner plate sitting in a castle. And what did this gold get? It got a life of literally eating Kim Kardashian’s diarrhea and dirty brown piss (No way she drinks enough water). Listening to Kanye talk to himself about how great he is while he sits on your face with his fat ass cheeks. Kris Jenner’s period blood, GAH! And I wouldn’t wish that lot in life on my own worst enemy, even if it is something that can’t breath/talk/feel etc. Poor fucking gold. What a brutal break.