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Donald Trump Refers To 9/11 As "7 Eleven" In Speech Last Night

I tried to give Donald the benefit of the doubt last night when this made the rounds. I thought maybe he was trying to reference 7 World Trade? I thought maybe he was gonna say 9/11 and then decided to say something related to the number 7 and his brain just got crossed up for a minute.  I was trying to figure out some way that the man who is going to represent the Republican Party in the Presidential Election referred to September 11th as 7 Eleven. And I really dont think theres any explanation other than Donald is up there just kinda clowning around. I’m not going overboard about it – I’m not saying Donald Trump doesnt care about 9/11 or anything. I’m sure he was affected one way or another just like everyone was. But I do think a brain fart of this level is indicative of Trump just gettin up there crackin jokes, talkin shit, bullying nerds and not really caring much about this shit. On some level his departure from the regular, mundane, rehearsed politician shit was refreshing. But there’s gotta be a line there. At some point I’d prefer a president with a little bit of tact and eloquence. I want a president who aint up there calling 9/11 fucking 7 Eleven. Is that really too much to ask?

And in quite possibly an even larger gaffe, last night Donald also said that the Jets “Won 2 championships” under Rex Ryan. Might be worse than 7 Eleven, man. I mean dont get me wrong I thumped by chest over back to back AFC Championships but I always made sure to put that “AFC” in front here. Can’t run around throwing out ‘ships like that.

The whole election is now way beyond that funny-embarrassing and fully into the pathetically-mortifying-embarrassing. 7 Eleven. Jets winning championships. Jesus Christ.