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What's Worse, Benny The Bull Retiring Or This Vague Rumor That The Bulls Could Go After Dwight Howard









Two devastating pieces of news for the Chicago Bulls this past weekend. One real, one a rumor. First off, Benny the Bull is retiring, or should I say the guy who plays Benny the Bull is retiring. I know this seems inconsequential but any Bulls fan will tell you Benny is maybe the best mascot in all of sports. Some mascots stand around and cheer next to the cheerleaders, occasionally run around the court, Benny on the other hand brought the noise night in and night out. 12 years as Benny, what a great ride. Pour one out for our guy.






Now for the fake news, this Dwight Howard shit. I’m not sure where it’s coming from exactly and I would give it about 1% of real attention but I will quickly say this. Dwight Howard is the last thing this Bulls team needs. A team with talent on paper and awful chemistry shouldn’t add a guy who is at the point of his career where most of his talent is on paper and is awful with chemistry. Worst possible fit. I’m not sure where this Bulls offseason will lead us, I just know that I’m open to just about anything and everything. Want to trade Jimmy or Derrick, not my first choice but I can stomach it for the right price. But the one thing I can’t do is start rooting for Dwight Howard. Can’t do it, won’t do it. I’d rather Benny the Bull retire a million times over than root for Dwight Howard for one day on the Bulls.