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Does This Count As Finishing the Marathon?

Listen I’m not trying to be a dickhead here.  This dude left it all out on the line.  Battled his ass off .  Nobody can doubt his heart or desire.  But the facts are he needed help to finish.  That’s an automatic DQ in my book.  It’s called a marathon for a reason. If this is a real race like all the amateurs love to say it is you need to finish it on your own for it to count. Therefore bib 6444 is disqualified. It’s a cold hard ruling but those are the facts. Not everybody automatically gets the trophy. Not on my watch.

PS – This is how you do it by the way. These ladies were just as cooked and finished without help. That’s what distance running is all about.

I wish I had a video of the facial expression I made when that crab lady came storming down the finish line at the 40 second mark. At first I thought that’s just how she ran. Just chewing up terrain like a motherfucker. Like get out of the way tired bitch because Crab Running Lady is coming the fuck through. Turns out she was in the process of dying as well. I’ve never seen that before. Is that how it works with running? Before you totally collapse you turn into some sort of superhuman crab running machine for a couple minutes? I mean she would have finished with no problem if the other chick didn’t trip her. She had that crab running style on lockdown.

And no I couldn’t find the Holla If You Hydrate Video. No chance DevNest Nate didn’t delete that forever.