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Former Olympic Swimmer Charged With Twisting Another Man's Nipple For Reclining His Seat On A Plane - Daily Mail

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BBC – A former Olympic swimming champion has apologised after claims he groped and assaulted a fellow airline passenger. Australian Grant Hackett reportedly took exception to a male passenger reclining in the seat in front of him. The man told the Herald-Sun that Hackett, 35, “yanked the seat back”, adding: “Then he groped my chest and tweaked my nipple quite forcefully.” Hackett said in a statement: “I have stuffed up more than once and am working on these issues.” He added: “I seriously and genuinely regret my poor behaviour. It is embarrassing to hear and read the consequences of my actions. “I apologise unreservedly to the gentleman on the flight. I am trying to make direct contact with him.” Gary Pert, chief executive of Australian rules football side Collingwood, was also on the flight and said Hackett appeared to be “affected by alcohol”. Speaking to Melbourne radio station 3AW, he said: “One of the passengers in front of him put his chair back and Grant just leant forward, put his hand between the seat and appeared to just tap the person. “He was not aggressive or upset.” Hackett won Olympic gold in the 1500m freestyle in both 2000 and 2004 and had a long-standing rivalry with compatriot Ian Thorpe

Listen is nothing more humiliating than a purple nurple. Its right up there with wedgies and noogies and wet willies as the most disrespectful thing you can do to another man. If you’re gonna give out Titty Twisters, you better have a DAMN good reason for it. And someone reclining their seat on a plane is not one of them. I mean I cant even imagine what this dude does when someone actually does something thats a real problem. Probably straight up murders you. Throw this dude in an asylum. Anyone that casual with pinching nipples is unfit for society.

As for the rest of the show: self proclaimed “Tiger Whisperer” mauled to death by a tiger, woman leaves her 9 month old in the car while auditioning to be a stripper, Swedish director releasing a movie that is 30 DAYS long, bartender sues her boss for making her work sex parties. Plug in juice up.