The Tennessee Titans Family Movie Night Was A Huge Success Except For The Part Where The Sprinklers Went Off And Soaked Everyone

Ah the ol ninth green at nine trick except instead of ruining the up and coming golfer’s night you ruin the day of all your fans. What an all time “Fuckkkkkkkk” the event organizer must have let out when those sprinkler heads popped up. Dude’s probably been working on planning this event for like six months. Finally, the night comes an it’s time to show the bosses how he’s dotted every i and crossed every t then he realizes he forgot to tell the groundscrew and turns movie night into a wet tshirt contest with all the Nashville mommies. Tough night for those fathers too. Thought your day couldn’t get worse than watching little yellow dudes scream nonsense for two hours and then all of a sudden you’re drenched and dealing with hundreds of crying children. Nightmare scenario out on the field, the likes of which rarely happens outside of an actual Titans football game.