Coach Durkin Gave a Fiery Pump Up Speech To Maryland Football

This right there is what it’s all about. I’m ready to run through a brick wall for Coach Durkin. He knows he inherited a bad Maryland team. Randy Edsall didn’t leave him with much to work with. And Durkin is going to fire up his guys to the point they are going to have no choice but to win. You can’t listen to that speech and not win. It’s impossible. That sort of speech alone is worth a couple ticks in the win column. You have Durkin’s defense and Walt Bell’s high powered offense and this isn’t going to be the same Maryland team as last season. This isn’t going to be a team that quits. Nobody wanted to play for Edsall. Randy Edsall was a smarmy, no-fun, anti-leader. He made football not fun, not worth playing for. Durkin is the opposite. Might end up being the best thing to ever happen to Maryland football.

PS: The 2017 recruiting class is already a top 25 class. No surprise as Durkin learned how to recruit from Harbaugh. This could really put it over the top though.

Would be a huge get for Durkin. Getting 5 star in state recruits is HUGE. The last one was a guy named Stefon Diggs. Ever head of him? Kaindoh could really be the piece that gets the rest of the dominos to fall in the Terps direction when it comes to big time recruits seeing Maryland as a destination.