Olivia Culpo Spotted At Coachella With "Mystery Guy"/Danny Amendola



DailyMail - From the fringed jackets to the ubiquitous denim shorts, the Coachella crowd has a very uniform feel. But Olivia Culpo, 23, made a refreshing change from the hippy chic hoards with her gothic all black ensemble. And her outfit wasn’t the only interesting thing –  for the brunette beauty was seen holding hands with a mystery male as they entered the festival.  The pair looked very much like an item as they strode into Coachella side by side. They were seen holding hands whilst they were surrounded by a group of friends.If Olivia wanted to flaunt her new man and introduce him to the world, then there’s no better place than the people-watching hotspot of Coachella. The mystery guy was wearing a pair of wayfarer ray bans, a pair of dark jeans and a short sleeved white shirt.



Kind of a slap in the face to America’s couple right?  I mean calling Amendola a mystery guy?  Especially when you reference Tebow in the same article.  Let me ask you this.  How many rings does Tebow have?  EXACTLY.  Not to mention these two have been dating for months now.  Come on Daily Mail pay attention.

PS – I feel like Olivia Culpo’s snapchat is a couple weeks away from sliding in porn.  Every now and again she’ll snap Amendola’s body. 2 days ago it was his abs looking ripped as fuck and she scrolled down to his loose sweatpants.  It was arousing to say the least.

Double PS – Pray for Kay Adams. I mean it’s one thing to break up with a dude and another to have him move on to Miss Universe. No coming back from that.