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Guardian Angels Dub The Mag Mile, "Muggers Mile"

(Source) Is Chicago’s Magnificent Mile becoming better known as a hub of violent crime than a shopping destination? That’s what the volunteer anti-crime group Guardian Angels claimed Tuesday as it handed out fliers referring to the elegant stretch of North Michigan Avenue as “Muggers Mile.” But Chicago police quickly panned the Guardian Angels’ concerns as overblown. The department’s crime data suggest strong-arm robberies, like the most recent high-profile one last weekend, have dropped sharply over the past couple of years, according to a Tribune analysis. Related Video: How to avoid street crime VIDEO: Video: How to avoid street crime PHOTO: Maps Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60656, USA Ads by Google 3.25% No Closing RefiGet A Free Quote With No SSN. 3.25 APR 10yr Fixed. Call Now! welcome to beer festivalCheers to the world in the qingdao, have Asia’s largest beer festivalin
The move by the Guardian Angels came after a group of teens on Michigan Avenue mugged a woman from Michigan, stealing her iPhone, and punched a 15-year-old girl from Florida who tried to intervene Friday night. The fliers handed out by six members of the Guardian Angels to pedestrians near Water Tower Place offered safety tips such as downloading software onto their cellphones that would help locate them if stolen. The nonprofit group has operated in Chicago since 1981, patrolling streets to deter crime. Miguel Fuentes, leader of the Chicago chapter, said criminals are sometimes drawn to the Magnificent Mile because of the large number of tourists, a group less likely to attend court hearings if arrests are made because they’re from out of town. Chicago police issued a statement saying shoppers have nothing to worry about. “Michigan Avenue and the general downtown area are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every day,” the statement said. “Chicago’s downtown area continues to be safe, and while there have been a few isolated incidents, police have responded quickly, making arrests before they become a larger problem.”
Hey guys, no fucking shit. I mean is this really news? Everyone knows that only tourists go on Michigan Ave. I lived 3 blocks away from Michigan Ave a few years ago and I still wouldn’t go on Michigan Ave. Twice a year. Tops. Once to go see the pretty lights during Christmas time because your girlfriend makes you and once because your girlfriend drags you shopping. So really if you’re a single guy you have ZERO reason to ever step foot on that street. This isn’t exactly breaking news. Michigan Ave is for foreigners, tourists, women, one group of teenagers playing drums on a bunch of buckets, a couple of mexican bros walking around with cardboard advertisements on their body handing out suit flyers and muggers. That’s it. So thanks for the heads up Guardian Angels, next time tell us something we don’t know you beret wearing weirdos.