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Damn, There Goes The Albany Lacrosse Team Stealing Everybody's Girl Again


Did you wake up and think that you’d be starting your day with a photo a 48 dudes popping their tops off and going TOFTB? Probably no. But that’s the beauty of life. It works in mysterious ways sometimes. And fresh off their headshots that would make every mother within a 100 mile radius hug their children just a little tighter at night, the Albany Lax team is back at it again. Making sure the Division 1 Lacrosse world knows that the #7 team in the nation isn’t just here for the game, but they’re here for the party as well.

Now it’s not quite the same as the headshots but we can all at least respect the Great Danes for keeping the Freak Vibes flowing all season long. A good team takes amazing awful roster photos at the beginning of the season, a great builds off of them and even adds a few more mullets and staches heading into the final stretch of the regular season. So let’s get through a few real quick highlights.


I can definitely see a Buddy Cop movie coming from these two in the future. Dude on the left looks like he’s about 3/4 of a second away from punching dude on the right directly in the throat. But if anyone else were to punch him in the throat, he’s got his back. Real friends.


I’m trying to think and I’m pretty sure what would make Derrick Eccles even funnier is if he was completely straight edge. Like didn’t smoke or drink anything, just naturally the most bizarro cat on the streets. Either way, the dude is a legend. Shoutout to the ink master behind him as well.


Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a perfectly executed titty twister. Again, that’s just guys being dudes. And speaking of dudes, we’ve got our boy Blaze Riorden just putting out all sorts of moods. Big time players show up in big time moments. He knew this photo was going to get plenty of play and wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste. Sup, ladies? Pretty sad that the nickname Big Sexy is already taken by Bartolo Colon because Just Blaze knows how to get the people going and put the asses in the seats.


WHAT. A. FUCKING. LINEUP. First off, there’s zero percent chance the dude in the back center isn’t at least 53 years old. Next to him we’ve got the Lion King. And then the three bros chilling in the next row down look like they belong in a van at a Lynyrd Skynard concert or something. Actually, this whole section of bros look like they just popped out of a time machine from 1974.

8-2 on the year so far, have a nice easy match up against Binghamton later tonight and only 1 more conference game after that. Here’s to seeing what the Albany lax team has in store for us this year once the NCAA tournament rolls around.

P.S. – #2 Yale v #4 Brown today at 1 on ESPN3. #10 Navy v #20 Army today at 12 on CBS Sports. #9 Syracuse v #11 North Carolina today at 4 on ESPN3. And #5 Maryland v #18 Rutgers on wherever you can find a stream. Solid little day of college lacrosse action.

h/t Mitch & Ben