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It’s Officially Drinking On Rooftops Season And I Could Not Be Happier


I actually wrote a variation of this blog last year on March 12. March 12! It’s once again applicable. The birds are chirping, the sundresses are flying, everything is good again. February is out of here. GONE. March is over and done with. We had random 30 degree days in March and early April, no need for that shit anymore. Because we are now officially in Drink on a Rooftop weather and I am giddy with delight. Legitimately giddy. Rooftops and patios are being packed all around Clarendon (what up Don Tito!? What up Whitlows!?). There is nothing better than drinking while outside. Happy hours, day drinking, both, whatever. Brunch all weekend. Going to Nats games. No more coats. Not that I ever wear a coat anyway because I get too drunk and lose it, but figuratively speaking, no more coats. Just the outdoors and 8-15 Miller Lites. BBQs and peeing on trees and not going to the gym. This is why we put up with the Winter. This is what it’s all about. This is why you grind 9-5 and put up with those dark commutes. For weekends like this.

PS: If it gets cold again I’m going to kick Mother Nature square in her balls.