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Our First Outing For Barstool At The Ballpark Sold Out, About Half The Tickets Left For May 28th vs Dodgers

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Our cheapest ticket left on the schedule. Just 90 bucks gets you a ticket to the came in the Coke Corner, with unlimited beer from 1 hour prior to first pitch to the alcohol cut off. Its a rematch of the divisional series with the scumbag Dodgers so we are going to be drunk, loud, and OBNOXIOUS to Chase Utley and his band of dickhead Dodgers. By then the sky will no longer be falling and the Mets will be hitting their stride. You gotta remember this team is built on their starting pitching and once that rotation turns over a couple times and you’re facing 4th and 5th starters against the Mets fireball arms they’ll start to rattle a few off. By Memorial Day I expect this team to be cookin.

Get your tickets now. Probably wont last much longer before we move on to the BLOODBATH that will be the Braves in June.

ALSO – at this point the only way to get into Mets vs Yanks without going through the secondary market is through Barstool. So literally no reason to wait for those. If you wanna do the Subway Series, the cheapest ticket will also include free beer. Dont even need to be a Barstool fan to realize thats the way to go.