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A Supercut Of All 100 Bryce Harper Homers, As He Became The 8th Youngest Ever To Hit 100

Actually a pretty awesome video. All of Bryce’s career home runs, after Bryce smacked number 100 yesterday evening.

That swing, man. Prettiest swing since Griffey. Just so smooth, so pure. You see that supercut of all 100 of his homers and it looks too easy for him.

With that grand slam, he joined some pretty exclusive company:

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.45.09 AM

If Bryce can stay healthy, sky’s the limit. It’s worth remembering that he played just 118 games in 2013 and only 100 in 2014, both years missing a lot of time with injuries. Last year in his first fully healthy season he knocked 42 pitches into orbit. With 3 home runs in his first 8 games this year, he’s right back on pace.