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KFC's Gonna Start Serving Up Penises? I Think That's What This Tweet Is Saying?

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.31.13 PM

(NewsAU) Social media campaigns can be a dangerous game, but KFC’s latest post may be the most disturbing one yet. This morning, the fast food chain’s Australian branch tweeted the following cringeworthy photo. The promo picture, which was pixelated in the original tweet, looks like a still taken seven minutes into a Pornhub ‘Amateur’ video. And no, the “coming soon” pun was not lost on anyone. The reaction was immediate, with the definitely-NSFW post racking up more than 1300 retweets in an hour. Meanwhile, the Twittersphere has descended into a dark pit of awkward virtual side-eyes and even filthier puns.

I know the job of marketing it to get people talking about your product. “Hey John, what are you an expert or something? How do you know so much about marketing?” Just a few tricks of the trade I’ve picked up along the way. But while this certainly achieved that goal, I feel like it’s not the way you want to go if you’re KFC. When you’re known for cooking up freak meat then I feel like you want to steer clear of marketing it as horse cock, right? Perhaps it’s just personal preference, but as a man who’s seen countless internet stories about KFC deep frying the wrong parts of a chicken, I don’t even want the idea put in my head that I’m eating friend dick with cum sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Colonel prepares it perfectly and the meal would be delicious, I’ve just always been timid when it comes to exotic foods. Raw fish, eel, pretty much anything in India, and penis… just a few dishes that I can’t stomach.