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Update on the Michigan Player Run Over By A Forklift: "It Would've Killed A Lesser Man, But He's Blue-Twisted Steel" - Jim Harbaugh

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ANN ARBORMichigan running back Drake Johnson is recovering “well” after being injured during an accident Wednesday at the school’s indoor track and field building.

Speaking with reporters Thursday on the Big Ten coaches teleconference, coach Jim Harbaugh declined to get into the specifics of Johnson’s injury — or how it happened — but said he’s already on the mend.

“He’s doing well, I can tell you this: It would’ve killed a lesser man,” Harbaugh said Thursday. “He is blue-twisted steel. Very flexible. Amazing. It’s one of those miraculous things and he is doing well.”

“I’m not a doctor, but talking to him (it looks like) a week or two or three at the most,” Harbaugh added. “It’s a miracle. Right up there with Easter.


Just wanted to drop a quick update for Michigan’s Drake Johnson, who had the almost unbelievably bad luck of being run over by a freaking forklift while stretching on an indoor track. He’s ok. Why’s he ok? Because he is blue-twisted steel. Obviously. Very flexible. Would’ve killed a lesser man who wasn’t blue-twisted steel. Second biggest miracle to ever happen right after Jesus Christ being resurrected from the dead. Jim Harbaugh’s not a doctor but just from eyeballing the situation it’s a 1-3 week recovery period and he’ll be fine. So there you have it folks.

Dr. James Andrews better watch out, there’s a new sheriff in town and he don’t need no fancy Ph.D.