Once Again I’m Being Accused Of Being A Midget



So yesterday as the world witnessed, I dominated the Double Dribble Challenge. Unfortunately in what should have been a crowing  moment of glory, the conversation once again turned ugly as a debate arose on whether I was a legal dwarf or not. Listen I get it. I look short in this picture. I don’t know why this keeps happening. I do know every picture that seems to make me look like I’m 4 feet tall is taken by the First Lady.

Example 1


Example 2



I’m not pointing the finger I’m just pointing out facts. But I do want say something loud and clear right now. At no point, at no point have I ever been a dwarf. For people to keep believing I’m a midget it’s just total ludicrous. It’s garbage and it’s rubbish and it’s not true and it’s total garbage. I’m 5’10. Medium height. For those Stoolies who have been behind me all this time I thank you for being in my corner.