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West Virginia Police Department Wants You To Know K9 Units Can Sniff Out Weed Hidden Inside of Baconators #Noted

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KUTV - Milton Police officers found an unusual ingredient in a cheeseburger during a traffic stop. Police said their K-9 unit sniffed out a bag of marijuana inside a Wendy’s Baconator burger. An officer said the suspect told them he thought the servers must have put it on the burger. The Milton Police Department said on its Facebook page that hiding marijuana inside a cheeseburger will not keep a K-9 from sniffing it out.

Now, I know nobody who reads this website partakes in illegal, addictive, and deadly drugs like marijuana. I know nobody reading this right now smokes the weed cigarettes. But if you do, Milton Police just gave you a free tip- don’t hide your stash in your Baconator. Cross that one off your list. It’s nice when the police department give handouts like that. I’ve heard inside of jars of peanut butter works great. But now I know (not that this information is of any use to me or you) that you can’t cook a bag of weed inside of a Baconator and get away with it. The more you know.

As for this story itself, there’s no telling if the suspect is lying or not. We see stories like this semi-often, but a lot of the times the person just opens their bag and heroin drops out because the drive-thru employee mixed up the bags. That’s the biggest problem with drive-thru employees doubling as drug dealers- they kinda just suck at it. Because not only do you have to keep your drugs in order, when the drive-thru line gets long, you actually have to get the people who don’t want drugs their food. Sure it’s safer than standing on a street corner, but it also requires additional responsibility which is frankly usually too much for them to handle.

But that brings me to my final point–

Weed Roulette. Weed is legal in quite a few states now. My idea for a fast food restaurant includes a fun game called weed roulette. Some burgers/fries/cookies are infused with THC, others are not. You don’t know until after you’ve eaten it if you are one of the lucky ones or not. The catch is at this fast food place you can specifically order a weed burger for an up-charge, or you can spin the weed roulette wheel and take your chances. Fun for the entire family.