Derek Fisher Brought Out His Scallywag Hat For Kobe's Last Game


I hope you hid your women and closed your doors, because the Slippery Fish was hunting last night in LA. Make no mistake about it, that is the hat of someone that is looking to to fuck. A cuckolding cap. A steal yo girl sombrero. I could see Fisher telling Kobe that he would drive Vanessa home since Kobe probably had a billion interviews to do. And with Matt Barnes playing all the way in Oakland, the Slippery Fish had no predators to worry about at Staples Center.

Also, I love Brian Shaw cheesing his ass off. If only we had Jim Cleamons and Kurt Rambis to complete the Poisoned Phil Jackson Coaching Tree Mount Rushmore.

And after years of chasing him, Kobe finally caught Michael in the last game of his career. Mamba out.