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Justin Bieber Got Throttled By Post Malone At A Club After Playfully Putting A Cigarette Out On Him While He Performed

HotNewHipHop – As you may have seen from the photo of Post Malone and a dreaded Justin Bieber that made the rounds last week, [Bieber’s] Purpose tour got off to a weird start, and things only seem to be getting weirder.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Justin Bieber had mischievously ashed a cigarette on Post Malone while he was performing his hit, “White Iverson,” at a Houston club. As far as we could tell from the clip, Malone seemed unbothered by the move, or perhaps he’s just a good showman and withheld the pain until after his performance– because a new photo tells a slightly different story.


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.03.33 AM


First of all, big time props to Post Malone for not even flinching when Bieber burned him in the middle of him performing. Out of all the impressive things going on, including “White Iverson” itself (fantastic song once you can get over the feeling of other people judging you for bathing in it), that was easily the most impressive. Nothing would have murdered his cred more than a girlish scream there. Hell of a showing between that and his Big Show-level talent with a good looking chokeslam. If I wasn’t a Post Malone guy before, I am now.


But also I feel like this is the realest look at it’s like to be around Bieber for an extended period of time. It’s cool because you’re in exciting spots, playing sold out shows, banging Victoria’s Secret models and extremely high grade normals just for being in his orbit. But you have to hang out with this manboy in Bieber as the tradeoff and he has no read on what friends actually do since he’s been sheltered since he was a teen so he does asshole shit like throwing a drink at people or burning a cigarette on them for the lulz. Eventually it just adds up and even though it could adversely affect your career, you’ve just GOT to feel your hands around Bieber’s throat there, weeks of frustration from hanging with him on tour cathartically released with every squeeze. It sends a message, like punching a dude trying to fuck with you when you’re new in jail. Then Bieber probably sulks for a few days in dramatic fashion before sheepishly making a joke insulting someone else to Post because that’s the only way he knows how to relate to people and tries to be friends again. But he’ll never forget the throttling, for better or worse. That’s life on the road with Bieber, Post just has to make it out with his sanity.