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Trump Asks Pittsburgh Crowd "How's Joe Paterno?" Forgetting That Joe Paterno Is Very Much Dead

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FTW - Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno died in 2012. Donald Trump may not have gotten the news. While speaking to a crowd in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Trump inquired about Paterno: “How’s Joe Paterno? We gonna bring that back? How about that whole deal?” Trump may have been referring to the Joe Paterno statue that was removed after Paterno’s death, but then why would he also ask about his well-being? It was strange, to say the least.

Trump’s a goddam genius. Which is a bizarre thing to say about a dude who seemingly just forgot the person he referenced in his presidential speech has been dead for 4 years, but its the truth. Because thats exactly what a crowd of Pittsburgh Penn State weirdos wanna hear. Maybe Trump was talking about the Joe Pa statue. Maybe he forgot that Joe Pa is dead as shit. Doesnt matter. To be honest the Penn State weirdos probably walk around acting like Joe Pa isnt dead anyway. The denial runs that deep. Joe Pa had nothing to do with the rape! Joe Pa isnt actually dead! Make Happy Valley Great Again! Make America Great Again! Vote Trump!

I loved Trumps voice and his “How about that deal…” as he trailed off. That was either a man that realized the person he was talking about was dead or, even if he knew Joe Pa wasnt alive and was talking about his statue, he realized he was talking about a person that allowed tons and tons of children to be raped. “How about…how about that whole deal…”