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In A Stunner Patriots Release Dominique Easley

Live look at everyone in New England reading that tweet…

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.44.39 PM


At the moment, no one really knows what’s happening here but when you’re one of two 2014 first round picks who have been released and the other is named Johnny Manziel, it’s not a good look. Easley was drafted in the first with the hope that he’d grow out of his injury woes and be simply the top 10 talent that he was, that didn’t exactly come to fruition. Last season he certainly stepped up an had a pressure every 6 pass rushes, good for best in the NFL at defensive tackle, but the season was again cut short by injury. Rich Hill over at Pat’s Pulpit initially had a thought that this, along with the Jones trade, is a precursor to the Patriots moving to a 3-4 base rather than their 4-3, but now it looks like it could be more to do with off field issues.

I’d find it hard to believe that the Patriots released a first round pick, rather than trade, over a simple dog biting incident and it’s rare that a guy is cut for just football reasons at this time of the year, so there’s gotta be something more to this story. What it is, no one knows at the moment. Some say change of football philosophy, some say disagreements over injury programs, others say off-field issues. I say fuck. Easley was a monster when healthy, such a monster that at times it honestly almost seemed like he exploded off the ball too fast, which is an insane thing to say. Was definitely looking forward to seeing what he could put together year three.