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If There's One Thing That The World Will Never Get Tired Of, It's New White Chocolate Jason Williams Mix Tapes


Every few months Santa comes down the YouTube chimney and brings us a new White Chocolate mix tape. And I fly around my bird cage in pure delight like Portnoy just brought me a stale bagel that nobody else wants to eat. I love Jason Williams. He was the closest we got to seeing the And1 Mix Tape Tour on an NBA court. And he could flat out ball. One of the lowkey best things about the Internet is even though White Chocolate is far removed from the league, he is still putting on a show whenever he steps foot on the court, and we can all watch it.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the guy. The NBA made him this mix tape on his 40th birthday. And he had this mixtape from his Florida rec league. Can you imagine being a middle age man with a couple kids who just wants to get some shots up and you end up with Jason Williams in your league at the Y? Talk about demoralizing. Just trying to get away from the nagging wife and screaming kids for an hour and you end up being put in a blender by White Chocolate. Life just isn’t fair for some people.

PS: Only White Chocolate would show up to an NBA arena to play some pick up in 3 shirts. It’s just so him. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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