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Mailtime Featuring The Garbageman - My Coworker From My Accounting Days Gives His Behind The Scenes Perspective On The Beginning Of Barstool New York And Cube Monkey Life

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An episode for the ages. For years we’ve been running the Cubicle Chronicles features and the Mailtime podcasts about cube life and my days stuck in a preposterous accounting job. But I never had anyone corroborate these tales or give their side of the story. There was one dude at Deloitte who found out about my blog For Sure Not. He saw me working on it during work hours and luckily he was just about the only dude I was cool with and that I could count on to keep it on the low. So he watched the entire transformation. The whole application process for Barstool New York. The early days when I was juggling both jobs. All the way up until he escaped and I finally went full time at the Stool.

And in the process he also suffered through all the same Cubicle Misery that I did. So all the stories I’ve told about hiding my work and snaking it with managers and dealing with dickhead coworkers, The Garbageman was there. Hearing a different perspective on that nightmare was fascinating. Plus he answered all the questions about how my coworkers really felt about me, before and after they knew about Barstool.

The interview because at the 50 minute mark. The first half of the episode is The Overreaction Episode. In honor of the Mets fans jumping off a bridge, I bring to you all of life’s greatest overreactions. From weather to politics to women to the internet, all the biggest freakouts this world has to offer.

MAJOR episode today. Plug in juice up.