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How Is It Possible For Louis CK To Be Millions In Debt Without The Aid Of A Major Drug Or Gambling Problem?


DM – Louis C.K. has revealed he’s ‘millions of dollars in debt’ after funding his own web series Horace And Pete’s. The comedian and actor told Howard Stern he spent $2 million of his own money on the show that’s available to stream from his website. ‘It will hurt, and it will leave me with no cushion in life, but I’m willing to do that,’ the 48-year-old said, according to

Now keep in mind I have zero idea how money and/or how the real world works. If I did I still wouldn’t be swimming in student loan debt while working a job where a 4th grade education would be sufficient enough to suckseed. But this is just some clickbait happy horsehsit or Louis making people feel bad to watch his new show, right? Don’t get me wrong, I think Louis CK is a genius. One of the best comedians of our time and easily top 3 stand-up’s in a generation. But after the first couple excellent seasons of Louie it fell off the map for me. It felt like CK was either too smart, trolling, or making inside jokes that only he gets. And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if either of those scenarios were the case. Louis CK would get off on seeing how far he could take it when every single critic would start blowing his balls no matter what. Kind of like Lennon fucking with everyone with I Am The Walrus after he found out people were going intellectually deep into The Beatles lyrics. I’m rambling, but the fact is Louis CK HAS to have more than 2 mill in the bank at this point, sans a hardcore drug or gambling addiction. It’s impossible. He goes on one tour and it’s straight cash homie to the tunes of millions. Not buying it.

Fuck it. Just get rich again and buy all the pants. Shit Ass Pet Fucker’s here we come.