72 Year Old Woman Was Lost For NINE DAYS Before A Helicopter Spotted Her HELP Sign

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ABC – A 72-year-old woman was rescued Tuesday after nine days of being stranded in a remote area east of Payson. A Department of Public Safety spokesperson said Ann Rodgers and her dog got stranded on a remote stretch of road near Canyon Creek on March 31 after running out of gas and depleting the charge on her hybrid car. She then attempted to climb several ridge lines in an attempt to get cell phone service. DPS said for the next nine days and nights, Rodgers and her dog survived on pond water and plants. Officials found her vehicle on April 3 on the side of the road, prompting an aerial search over the next two days that went unsuccessful. On Saturday, officials found Rodgers’ dog walking out of the canyon creek area, and a DPS Ranger helicopter was again called in to help search for her. During the search, the chopper found a “HELP” signal made of sticks and rocks on the canyon floor. Ground crews located a hand written message at the signal indicating Rodgers was proceeding down the canyon.

Yesterday I did this blog about shipwrecked sailors who spelt out “HELP” with leaves and actually were saved because of it. I was astonished that it actually worked in real life. Shit like that isn’t supposed to work. You’re supposed to live on the island forever with a volleyball and then eat the fat one when you run out of food. The HELP signal just isn’t supposed to work in real life. Well fast forward to YESTERDAY and it happened again!

This 72 year old broad was humming along in her electric car when it ran out of power. Doing the sensible thing, she starting climbing mountains to try to get cell phone service. Unfortunately for her, the fact she was 72 years old kicked in and apparently she got lost and then spent the next NINE days eating pond scum and drinking shit water. NINE DAYS! Great band, terrible amount of time to be lost in a canyon. Why didn’t she walk back the way she drove in? Beats me. What makes me laugh is it seems like her plan legitimately was to eat and drink pond water until she died. She could not have been that far from society that she couldn’t walk to save her fucking life. NINE DAYS! NINE! I can’t get over it. She just set up camp at a pond and was like “welp, this is it for me”. It’s not like she was trapped under a boulder and had to saw off her own arm with a rusty knife. She just took a wrong turn and decided to call if a life. But yet, somehow, her rinky dinky HELP signal made out of sticks somehow worked. Unreal. I mean, good for her and all, not dying, that’s dope. But unless there are some details like her not having legs or something, I just cannot believe she did nothing besides spell out HELP for 9 days.



h/t Connor