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Steve Smith Gives You Another Reason To Love Him By Asking An Autistic High School Senior To Prom

Gazette - It was the “promposal” of a lifetime for 18-year-old Aubrey Bridges, a fun-loving North Gaston High senior living with autism. Former Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith Sr. recently learned that Bridges’ dream was to have him escort her to her high school prom. Last week, that dream came true when Smith asked Bridges to prom via video message from the Dream On 3 organization. The nonprofit organization connects kids who are sick or living with life-altering conditions with personal experiences that include their favorite athletes, sporting events, or sports teams.

“Hey, Aubrey. Steve Smith here,” said Smith, in the video, wearing a T-shirt and cap. “I want to know, would you let me take you to the prom?”

On March 25, Dream on 3 Executive Director Elizabeth Lindsey showed Bridges the video at her home in Bessemer City. Bridges excitedly accepted Smith’s request and then danced around the house. “I am excited because Steve Smith Sr. asked me to prom,” said Bridges. “I am so happy that I danced. Brandon and Elizabeth Lindsey, my friends at Dream on 3, are making my dream come true.” The prom will be a well-deserved celebration for Bridges, who has spent a lifetime overcoming extreme challenges and obstacles.

In addition to autism, she has a rare disorder called “Vein of Galen Malformation,” which is an aneurysm that developed in her brain. She deals with an auditory processing delay, speech difficulties and a tic disorder. She has suffered in the past from a seizure disorder. Through it all, she has kept a smile on her face.


Steve Smith Sr, everybody. You just know how much it means to him to give back to the community. The thing I regret most about watching and loving the NFL for so long is not paying closer attention to Steve Smith. I’m so glad he’s in Baltimore now because I get to see everything he does up close and personal. He’s kills it on the field, he gives the most honest, most hilarious, and overall best responses in interviews, press conferences, and on Twitter, and is just a ton of fun to blog about on a daily basis. He’s a trash talking pioneer while also being the nicest guy off the field. Once he heals up I hope he lets me race him for charity.