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After Seeing The Real Mr. Met, I Retract My Statement. Give Him A Ring

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NYDN – “I just wanted to clarify some things on the ring situation, first and foremost I am still a Mets fan and will always be one,” Boldis said in a statement Tuesday. “I worked some of the best seasons and some of the worst but (was) always behind the team 100%.” The 26-year-old left the team after last year’s stunning World Series loss to the Royals to take a job in construction during the off-season. “This to me was a slap in the face. I’ll always be a Mets fan but it just won’t be the same,” Boldis said. In his heartfelt statement, Boldis said donning the giant, ball-shaped head “was not just some job” and that visiting sick kids, appearing on TV, at field days and schools made the mascot gig magic. The Mets doled out 750 NL championship rings, made up of 110 diamonds and 42 sapphires that spell out the Mets “NY” logo, at their Citi Field home opener last Thursday. A rep for the team told The News last week that Boldis, who worked for the team for 15 years total, didn’t fit the bill for the bling.  “There were specific criteria for part-time and per diem employees related to hours worked last season,” a spokesman said. “He worked approximately half of the required hours last season, did not meet the criteria, and as such did not receive a ring.” But Boldis cried foul. “I always put my all into everything I did, so when I heard the response of not putting in my dues, it hit hard,” he said.  To make matters worse, Boldis claims that his replacement was given a ring. “Last year, my final year, the Mets hired who would be my replacement. They got a full time job, only worked maybe a month of games, and received a ring,” he said.

I dont know what it is, but after seeing this dude in a fedora and taking emo mirror selfies, I say give him a ring. I dont know why. I dont know why it makes a difference. But it does. I just feel like that dude in the mirror put his heart and soul into being Mr. Met. I feel like he became Mr. Met. Like some Daniel Day Lewis shit. And if those cocksuckers in the front office actually gave a ring to his replacement that just aint right. Almost makes me think theres more to the story. Maybe this is about more than just a ring. Maybe there’s some bad blood. Feels like its all about spite. Like they wanted to purposely give out a ring to everyone under the sun except this dude.

Or maybe its just that this organization is a but of cheap fucks and any chance they can get to save a few bucks they’ll take it. Either way, between that and the fedora, I’ve officially done a 180. Give the man his ring.