DMX Simply Cannot Handle The Face Swap Feature On Snapchat



Too damn funny. All that tough talk and barking goes OUT THE WINDOW real real quick. A rare showing of weakness from one of the most hardcore New York rappers of all time. Honestly. How do you freak out a guy who once rapped the lyric, “I got blood on my hands and there’s no remorse. And I got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse”?



Or a guy with an album cover that looks like this?



Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.19.16 AM



You think a guy like that can’t be freaked out by anything, right? Wrong. Simply fire up Snapchat and hit him with the face swap feature. He will lose his goddamn mind. There was a second there where I thought he might actually start crying. If we’re being honest, I’m just happy that DMX isn’t in jail. I never know. Katy Williams thinks DMX gets arrested too much. So to see him enjoying/being scared shitless of a Snapchat feature brightened my day.