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Breaking News: Keegan Bradley Is The NEW People’s Golfer! (Until Jim Renner Returns)

Ok so as I’ve been saying we’ve been on the lookout for an interim People’s Golfer until our boy Jim Renner returns to the PGA Tour. At first I ruled out Keegan Bradley because he’s too big of a star. He’s already got a major under his belt. Bunch of top 10 finishes. Played in multiple Ryder Cups etc. Seemed like that train had passed. But to quote Bill Parcells, after having him on the rundown I reserve the right to change my mind. Guy is a legit Stoolie and seems like the perfect dude to throw our support behind. I mean he was basically begging people to scream Viva La Stool after he shoots. Totally won us over. So it’s official. Our boy Keegan Bradley is the new Interim People’s golfer and yes that means we will pick a tournament and assemble. Just got to figure out what to call ourselves. Keegan’s Killers? Bradley’s Boys? “FU Miguel?”